Help me to choose hosting


As I told before, I am planning to launch new websites. So I need the best hosting provider.

Let me tell you I am looking hosting for two brand new domains. My targeted country will be in the US.

Second thing, I already used Hostgator India, as well as my main domain, is on Digital Ocean. I am happy with DO.


You know to use DO for two domains I will need to pay for two droplets. You might say “you can use multiple domains in one droplet” but again If I want to change the server location of one domain.

So I decided to go with shared hosting which is offering multiple websites. So guys please suggest me a good web hosting plan. Which should be included …

Cheapest price
Great service
Superb speed

Again do you know? any hosting provider that offers long term trial pack. Like, the digital ocean has 60 days free trial pack.

You are experienced people also I told you about my needs. So if you have any other solution then you can share with me. (I am talking about your opinion).

By the way would you say about Hostinger.

  • Yes
  • No

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Go for vultr $5 plan you might get $50 free credit using Gulshan’s link.




Google Compute Engine - $300 Free Credits.

  • Card Required.

  • Always maintain backup

  • Choose proper size of the instance.

  • Do not attempt to create multiple accounts.

  • Doing a single mistake will result to suspend without notification.

Why choose Google Cloud?

  • Performance

What is another option?

  • AWS EC2 - The Amazon Web Services offers free trial for the new users.

Please always maintain backup. These kind of services comes at a risk.

One more thing, I forgot to mention! Please keep e-mail services of WordPress out of the hosting. Here’s the guide for it. At the time of writing, I would recommend Mailgun. After providing CC, they offer 10K free e-mails services per month which is sufficient.


What are the possible consequences if done so? :thinking:


Suspend of created instance.


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: I am thinking about it.

But bro can we host multiple website.


You need to install manually as you will probably do on Digital Ocean or others VPS.


use EasyEngine… It has plenty of options


You should use vultur


:rofl: Bhai Bhai Bhai.

Yaad na dilaao. :smile:


Learned hard way, Backup is the best friend.


Agar maybe shared hosting lena chaho
To Hoskia is best
Use promo code " INFO30OFF " for 30 % discount on annual plans


If you are new and didn’t want to mess up with stuff like ubuntu, LAMP or other I suggest you vapourhost.
It is cheapest and I am using to from more than a year and it never disappoint me