Help regarding - cls issue more than 0.25

Hello Friends,

Can any one help me on how to fix “cls issue more than 0.25” issue ?

Also suggest me helpful article regarding this. If any?

Thank You.

This should help!

Saurav = Mediavine Fan

Hence Proved😅

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Dear @saurav_556

Is there any negative impacts if we don’t fix this issue? and is there any plugins to fix instantly?

Thank you

Haha… nothing like that. But yeah they are like family.
I reached out to them for speed optimization and an engineer from the team went ahead and optimized a lot of thing. They also suggested a lot of things for further optimization.

Again i reached for revenue and they did a detail analysis of each top 20 post and suggested some changes to boost the rpm. I am really happy with their support and group. A lot to learn from big publisher.

Also they are on top with any changes google make. So great being updated wit their content.

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Yes, it directly impacts UX and thus your rankings as well. Read the post for details.

You can try flying press.
There is more to the solution for cls than using a plugin but that helps a lot. A fast clean theme with flying press have solved my problem. I can’t say about yours without looking at the site.

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There can be many reasons for cls, if you can provide the website link then only a proper solution can be suggested.