Help regarding site transfer and choosing a plan in vultr


I recently went through some hosting options and found Vultr although I am not so good in programming and tech stuff so it would be great if someone could guide me choose a plan.

Server Requirements

  • My site has a traffic of 25-30k visitors per month. Traffic is 80% from US. Rest is canada and uk etc


  1. Which plan would be the best one?

  2. Does the prices go up or down depending upon i pay for one gear or 3 year upfront? Like in shared hosting?


  • I use UpdraftPlus plugin for backup and domain is in namecheap. Can I move using same?

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for you 1GB VPS is good option to start.

VPS are unmanaged server … so you won’t be getting any cpanel.
you can use cloudways or runcloud to manage them … or learn how to manage linux then do it for free

Normally this kind of offers is not provided by vultr.
But, time to time they give money match option (don’t remember but i guess it was only for new members)
i.e if you add 25$ then vultr will add 25$ from there side … and you get 50$

BTW why are you changing … did you faced any issue with siteground ?

Nopes, my plan is about to end with discount in november so i am looking for a switch. Continuing the plan is like 35$ a month which is too costly.
I have a another large site on wpx which is a managed hosting and easy to handle as well. once setup its as easy as shared.

So using cloudways is like a managed hosting right. It will be similar to shared hosting ?

nope, only your sites will run on that …
So, it’s your wish to run multiple sites from one server or not… You will have control .

Seems good. how is the speed of the server? Also is their cdn worth it for 1$ a month?

I said 1GB Ram and that will cost you 5$/month

there is no CDN included… just choose correct location for your server.

It’s good.

But in cloudways it shows 11$. Lol.

that’s why i did’nt mentioned the price in my 1st reply… because it varies

but according to traffic you should go with VPS that is having 1GB of ram atleast

I understand you want a cost-effective solution for deploying WordPress at Vultr.

Okay. Can you tell me till what traffic will this server hold. As my site is in growing stage and i still have lots of blogpost on the way of ranking higher which will grow my traffic soon. Say my traffic usually grows at a rate of 1.5 times every month.
I have approx 20 plugins installed, although not heavy ones.

Thats seems a little technical for me. I am not so good with codes you know. What about security kf server and other issues? It needs a lot of keepup compared to managed ones right?

If you want convenient, managed security, best experience, you should choose Managed Cloud Platform.

One more question. How does payment work with cloudways? Do i need to pay whole year upfront? Its monthly or any other way?

They offer Pay as you go plan. Please do a Google Search, you are bombarding with lots of question at once. This is not good.


what is your max traffic ?

Sorry, i was just trying to learn about cloud hosting as i not a tech savvy guy.
An indepth guide on how it works or a link would be helpful sir

Right now i am at 30k pageview/month.
Expects it to grow to 40k by next month.

everything depends on optimization of your wordpress … caching specially

but if you want some figures then safe limit will be 100k / month
with proper optimization you could get 1Million / month on 1GB server … it all depends how well you know technical details.

and if your traffic is not evenly distributed over the time span … then amount of CPU will also play a vital role.