Help to resolve Google search console AMP issue

Hello HGK members,

I’m Keerthana Somanchi, I own Blog.

Please help me to resolve a recent AMP error issued by Google search console.

Thanks in advance!


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I think you should not use Amp now. Because it is for those who has traffic.

That link returns error 404. Hence, there is error.

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@GulshanKumar has with an article about removing amp you can follow that.

But, now I’m working towards to produce great content and that brings more traffic to my site. What if under this condition that I get traffic and resolve this issue?

Thank you so much. Will check it!

Thanks Gulshan!

But, how to resolve this? But this error is about an article that’s written by my website theme.

Ok! how to resolve it?

My question is earlier was there any post or page at that permalink?

If yes, redirect to new path.

If no, leave it as is.

There was a post related my website theme (like a sample wordpress post would look like) ,but it is not a post I’ve written. So I deleted it.
But, when I type my website on Google search engine, it says my site is not mobile friendly for this one reason!!

Your web page is not mobile friendly due to some other reason not above.

Here’s details

We can see it is complaining about too small size font.

Ok. Will check that one!

And get back to you.


You’re welcome!