Hey, Thoughts on algorithm update


What do you guys think about this google update…
There are some great changes in how featured snippit works. Here are few changes i noticed.

  1. Featured snippit got even better. Now they also show bulletpoints and big chunks of answers rather than a 2 line answer.

  2. You can rank in a page multiple times. There is a keyword of mine where i won the snippit + position one and few other articles of similar related topics of mine also won position 6,7. Thats like killing 4 positions in page 1!

  3. Videos are showing up in google searches. Seems like google is promoting youtube like anything now.

  4. Adsense revenue gone slightly down. Although the same search volume remains. Not sure if cpm went down or something.

5)Website CTR is double in last 6-7days. While my impressions have gone down to half. Can’t still commit if its good or bad.

6)My longer articles just shoot through the roof. Within 4days to 1 week of writing in a blog 2 month old i am already beating competitors and landing in top 10 ranks.

  1. Average position in google search console went up by 6 position in last 10 days. Thats crazy…

What are your thoughts on last week progress on your sites. Do share your feedbacks!

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Yeah, it is increasing with every update and it is bad for webmasters in various niches where the video is unnecessary.

Featured snippets will eventually reach a point when they will cover the main points of the article entirely so that the searchers don’t have to leave the page.

Meanwhile, Google is testing Q/A that will hit Quora.


It’s the right time to start evaluating alternative courses of traffic. Converting organic traffic into push notification subscribers, social media followers, email subscribers, regular readers, YouTube subscribers is the right thing to do.



This florida 2 update focused on relevancy and comparison between top 10 searches having average time spent by user on articles. I heard this concept called as Dwell Time (Alternative of Bounce Rate with different scenario). The more engaging article is, the more rank they got.

Personally Experienced.



Traffic increased by 30%



Still increasing traffic.
I think 40%+ will be last figure



That’s great. Limit is infinity. More to come.