High CPU usage in Vultr


Today, I saw the traffic was dropped on my blog. Then I checked my server and I saw 33% CPU usage.

Can anyone support me to diagonse the above issue?
Vultr: 1vCPU, 1GB Ram, 25GB SSD
Cloudflare not enabled
Using Breeze Plugin.

Now it went to 42% after 15min.


Open putty and enter the top command and see which service is using most of the CPU.

  1. Take backup first

  2. Audit cron jobs

  3. Delete what makes sense to improve WordPress performance


But the plugin is untested with the current installation. Shall I proceed?


The plugin author has not updated “tested up to” tag in the readme file. That’s normal.

The plugin should work, you can try after taking backup.


I hope, this problem has been resolved.


Good Morning Brother, The server is constantly showing 6% load. Decided to move to Amazon LightSail (Mumbai DC).


6% :thinking: seems normal


Hi brother, from last Thursday, the traffic started falling due to Server.
As per SEMRUSH, Google Webmasters, the site SEO is V.Good but less traffic is because of the server.
Planned to go back to Cent OS with LiteSpeed for reliability.