High quality page suddenly disappeared from SERP

A page which has high quality content was the first link in some queries for a long time, disappeared yesterday and now has no impression and click.

no new backlink, security issue , manual action, new update or technical problem.

the only bad thing I could find:

LCP issue: 5.1s (mobile), and this is not new , it has been like this for a long time.

URL Inspection shows the link is still indexed but actually it isn’t ( impression = 0 )

any suggestion?
sorry looks like i cant add any image or link in my post !

There are problems going on with indexing. You can try resubmitting url at search console and wait for some time.

Request indexing again.

I think within one week they will fix it.
Last year same thing happen with my website and i lost whole site traffic. From 3k pageviews to 0. But after one week everything became normal and again got better traffic.

I recommend you to do duplicate page and do a 301 redirect, they done same with one of my page which was on #1 and daily gets 1k Users. I wanted for week but it didn’t came back so I duplicated it and redirect after few weeks my new page on #1

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I am facing the same issue and it all started after the problems with indexing, most of my new posts are not being indexed, and those which are indexed are no where to be found even with the exact searchterm plus including the domain name in the search for a keyword that has almost no competition. I am not sure if google has already fixed the issue, or are still fixing, there is no update from them.

They are still fixing the issue. It may take a while for some posts.

Some may go for reindexing and user testing ad thos might be reset. So it may take a while as well.

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Ping John on Twitter.


Thank you, guys. Also, 80% of my traffic is from mobile devices, so I don’t know if that could also be a reason why I am having this issue.

My old posts are all ranking the way they were, and their rankings have not changed, it’s just the new ones i post.

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Google has already announced that they are having indexing issues so wait till it is resolved or try to ask them on Twitter as

@BihariLala said

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