Hindi Blog November 2018Traffic Drop


Hi guys,

After 10 november my blog organic traffic has dropped considerably almost 40% drop.

I don’t know why this is happening. Is anybody here also seeing organic traffic drop in November 2018.


Same… huge drop in my Hindi website too… Trying to recover by making my site mobile first…


Good to know that I am not the only one to face huge traffic drop it’s really frustrating.


Even I asked the same in hindi webmaster forum but they think that we are beginners and we don’t know any thing about seo

They gave me general answers and that thing we all know.


From which date you saw the traffic drop and by what percent your traffic dropped. I regularly post fresh content but the traffic dropped


From the 2nd week of the October… dropped by 50% as compared to 1st of Oct.


What about november 2018 ? Did traffic improved or not?


On Nov 7 it dropped to 25% of the Oct 1 traffic… then 50% on Nov 12 then again reduced to 30% by Nov 24… now it is hovering around 50% (yesterday), today it’ll be around 55% of Oct 1…


I am full time blogger but because of this traffic drop my parents will surely ask me to do the job. Hope it gets well soon


How much traffic you had and what’s the stats now?


I used to get around 15 kpage views per day but now it is 11k per day. Because of this my adsense earnings has also reduced


Yah I also saw the traffic drop afyer 10 to 12th November.


Hindi blogs means audience are from India.
Even my traffic dropped for 10 days due to lot of holidays like Diwali, Chhat puja etc. etc.

Wait for 10 more days and than analyse whether its due to keyword drop, ctr drop or impression drop in your webmaster tools.


I will see for a week and if nothing changes then it might be some serious issue which I will have to look to gain my traffic back


Traffic dropped by 60% in November. Yesterday recovered only 10% .


Don’t worry, traffic will be back. I felt Google was in the ICU during November month.


Are you also hindi blogger? Give some page views stats before and after


Is your traffic also down Ravi?


Today traffic even gone down.:laughing:


Traffic also down in this month. Dont know why