Hindi + English content on same website?

So I have a website with around 70+ posts getting around 200-300 users per day (around which 90% are organic). Many of my subscribers as well as my friends who use my website for study purpose has suggested me to post Hindi content as well so that it can help other people as well.

So my question is it a good idea to post Hindi + English content on the same website?

Is it gonna impact negatively in terms of SEO?

What are your thoughts?

Niche: Education (Traffic mostly from India as it is more related to Government exams)

I don’t think mixed content should be there in a site, you can translate your site and put a language switcher in the header for the users. That way, it will help you in SEO also.

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It will require double work or you need to hire someone who can do. If you are ready, go ahead.

You can use WPML to serve seperate design smoothly over subdomain, subdirectory, or query string.

It does something as described below…

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using a sub domain like hindi.mywebsite.com will be better or using a plugin for switching language?

Plugin method is a proper way as it includes recommended hreflang information page by page. This will prevent duplicate content issue.

Use multisite feature best option .I would suggest not to use WPML.

Instead of posting both languages in under one domain, better use different subdomain like -

youdoman.com/hindi/ for Hindi language. and yourdomain.com for english.