Hindi version vs SEO

I want to create some posts in Hindi version for one of my blog. So, which should I prefer?

  1. Make separate hindi.myblog.com for my site.
  2. Should go with myblog.com/hindiposturl & continue with main site & existing posts
  3. Buy separate domain & setup hindi blog.

if you have any more recommendations, then let me know :point_down:

  • I prefer Subdirectory version over single domain.
  • I use a popular translation plugin called WPML (Multilingual CMS) to ensure everything goes SEO-friendly. It helps in translating post, pages, widget, theme header, footer, menus and all strings.

  • It can add language switcher page by page for corresponding permalinks

  • This plugin costs USD $79/yr for 3 websites

  • No need of seperate WP installation

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Hum’m. That’s the problem. Any other suggestion please?