[Hire] Anyone into Shopify Dropshipping or Dropshipping in general?


Hey guys,

One of my friends is looking to start a dropshipping business but lacks the knowledge. He manage several online/offline businesses and want to try Dropshipping too.

Since he lacks the knowledge and time, he’s interested in hiring someone to handle the store and marketing for him. Preferably someone who has seen success with his/her own dropshipping store in the past.

He’s from Norway and will pay on a fixed monthly salary (you can negotiate it). He asked me for suggestion so I thought why not see if anyone from this community would be interested.

Do you consider yourself as Shopify or Dropshipping guru? Send me a message with your skills, working hours, expected salary, and past experiences.

Note: I’ll just be referring you to him and you both will discuss the project and other things. You must have a Skype or Telegram account.

Thanks and Regards,

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Okay, I have invited my friend look into this.



Hello there,
Myself Vamsi.
Yes I would be able to manage/create dropshipping websites and affiliate websites.
Here is my profile : fiverr.com/amazeman
Have and look and let me know .
Thanks & Regards,



Sent you a personal message :+1:

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Hi Vamsi, Welcome back! :sweat_smile:



Thanks a lot. Happy to see that forum is back again.

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