Hiring content writer for HGK


Hello there!

I am looking for professional content writer who want to deliver their best, no time-pass seriously.


  • Article should be written in the niche of DailyDose.

  • The article should add value to users, it can be in the form of how to, listicle, with rich images and video.

  • It must be represented professionally.

  • Credit must be attributed wherever required.


  • Accept, deny, publish, modify, edit in part or wholly of article will be at sole discretion of Forum admin.

  • You would be credited for your work.

  • I will pay only if I will publish your article at HGK.

  • All payments will be made on the 10th of each month via PayPal or Google Tez only.


Email [email protected] with following details. You will get reply in 24-48 hours.

  • Your background, article sample (Required only for the first time)

  • Article Title

  • Article category

  • How this can be helpful, explain in 200 words.

Thanks & Regards,


Daily dose???


It is just the label or say the tag under which Gulshan sir shares content at this forum :slight_smile:


Daily Dose, I mean you can take example like what kind of category I have published. You can go further better if you have better ideas.

All content will be published with real author name. Example, your name.



Not sure how is this even a question. Isn’t that what a forum is all about?:man_shrugging:t3:


Nope. He said it was for HGK.

And, thank you for letting me know what I should do. :joy: I was kinda lost without your guidance :relaxed:


You’re right on the money with that point. Yes, not everyone will be able to contribute. If the content is worthy (Big G will decide if it’s worthy or not), obviously, anyone can contribute.


Wondering what you are actually talking and what point @anon4497068 is pointing
He is saying if Gulshan hires writer for #dailydose obviously anyone will have a second thought before writing for free


What I understand is that @anon4497068 is being kind enough to do it for free - out of respect for the community and of course, Gulshan. He just wants to know if he can contribute for free instead of getting paid. That’s what I understood, at least. I may be wrong.


You’re most welcome to contribute!

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