Homepage working but other pages are not working

I started using Cloudflare for last 3 months. Before that I was using Let’s encrypt for SSL but after starting using Cloudflare I started using SSL what Cloudflare is offering.
But today I uninstalled Let’s encrypt flie from my cpanel which was already expired.
But after that my blog page started sending 404 error except for the home page.
Even I can not access my Wordpress login . WHAT TO DO now?
Is it due to .htaccess file?

Please share your website URL. I need to check its current status to tell exactly what’s happening.

My ssl certificate was expired but it was still working fine due to Cloudflare. I checked it by clicking on https of my blog url. I found ssl certificate was issued by Cloudflare. So I thought I unnecessarily used Let’s encrypt SSL which was expired two months ago (every 3 months I need to renew). So I uninstalled it and after that, I am facing this issue.

Try “Full” or “Flexible” mode. It should work if hosting is live.

I am trying full mode. But I think I need to install lets encrypt again

In Full mode, that will work only if Let’s Encrypt is installed on the origin server.

Okay, it was my mistake. I thought Cloudflare already managing my SSL certificate. But I was wrong and now I need to regenerate SSL certificate and install it.

It’s ok.

Cloudflare can also manage. Please read this carefully.

Flexible SSL: You cannot configure HTTPS support on your origin, even with a certificate that is not valid for your site. Visitors will be able to access your site over HTTPS, but connections to your origin will be made over HTTP. Note: You may encounter a redirect loop with some origin configurations.

Full SSL: Your origin supports HTTPS, but the certificate installed does not match your domain or is self-signed. Cloudflare will connect to your origin over HTTPS, but will not validate the certificate.

Full (strict): Your origin has a valid certificate (not expired and signed by a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA) installed. Cloudflare will connect over HTTPS and verify the cert on each request.

I tried flexible mode and it worked…
Thanks @GulshanKumar
But I will install a certificate and then try full mode again

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You’re welcome!

Now I will watch match peacefully