Host Google Font Locally in WordPress - The Easiest Way Ever


(I am a magician!) #1

Why we should host the Web font locally?

Google Fonts such as Open Sans, Roboto looks fancy but it comes with little cost for the Performance. Below are your benefits of hosting fonts locally.

  1. Reduce DNS loop.
  2. HTTP/2
  3. Leaverage Browser cache
  4. Better grade on PageSpeed Insight/GTmetrix/Pingdom
  5. Privacy

How to know if your website uses Google Fonts?

  • Check source code.



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(CEO of GKHosting) #4

Only for Google Fonts?

(I am a magician!) #5

Yes, it’s for Google Fonts only.

(CEO of GKHosting) #6

Then please mention that on the title :sweat_smile:

(I am a magician!) #7

have changed the context and title. :wink:

(Gopal) #8

This is not helpful unless and until we use CDN…