Hostgator affiliate- Electronic Tax Document

I am filing the Hostgator affiliate electronic tax document. Could you please tell me which should I select, i am not aware about this-


is it W8-BEN?


For US resident.

For individual, non-US resident. You may need to fill up this one.

For non-US entity

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Thanks a lot @GulshanKumar for quick reply and explanation.

You’re welcome!

One more thing- what is foreign tax identifying number ?

That would be optional field? You can ignore that.

its mandatory field I think, showing red.

Have you selected correct form “W8-BEN”?


Don’t know. In old form, that is optional


Are you doing sign up via ImpactRadius network?

Nope, actually its mandatory field, I am just filing tax document.

instructions are present here
but i am not getting it.

I think PAN number is OK for that.

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Yes. That is what it means.

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According to source, you need to provide your PAN card number.

Thank you @GulshanKumar @sandi for the help.

You’re welcome!

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Just wanted to know- How much tax they take for 20,000/- ?

Not any. You are liable to pay tax within India only if you are a non-US resident.