HostGator and CloudFlare SSL Issues

Recently I was changing my DNS to Cloudflare.
My site was down.
Here is the process I did while changing it.

  1. Signup to Cloudflare.
  2. Changed the NameServer given by Cloudflare.
  3. Uninstall SSL in HostGator.
  4. Used Cloudflare Plugin.
  5. Install SSL from Cloudflare.

But my site was down for a whole day. I thought this was due to DNS Propagation.
Later on, I chatted with HG Support Staff and they again installed SSL from their end.

So my question is that is it good to use SSL at both ends?
Do I need to keep SSL in Hostgator while changing DNS so that my site won’t be down for longer time?
Thank You

What was the exact error message in your Browser? Please let me know. Because, that’s a reason your site was down.

This tutorial might help …

It was redirecting to 404.html pages from HostGator.

That happens when you do not have valid SSL certificate but still using Full SSL mode in the Cloudflare.

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This means I should not uninstall SSL at HostGator?