HostGator Cloud Hosting - Any Good?


Hi I’m not a big fan of HostGator, but heard good things about their Cloud hosting plan. With Black Friday here, I am planning a move. But before that, if there’s anyone who has tried it, can you please let me know if it’s any good or it’s also like their shared hosting and not worth it?


If you have @edu e-mail, Digitalocean provides 50$ coupon for one year via Github. Also you can register to Digitalocean via @GulshanKumar 's reference link for 100$ coupon for 3 months.

I was using Hostgator in the past. (but too long ago). I think Digitalocean much more better than Hostgator.


Thanks for your reply Turk, but I’m looking for a managed web hosting service. I don’t have a lot of technical know-how about migrating site and other stuff.


Hostgator’s Cloud Hosting is indeed better than the legacy shared plans and I have used it but in 2018, there are better solutions like Digital Ocean and Vultr. For almost same price, you’ll get better experience with DO/Vultr.

You can also try Cloudways if you’re not familiar with unmanaged hosts. Cloudways is a managed host, much better than Hostgator and it offers managed Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud servers.


It is little hard for me to trust Hostgator especially support area.

I would suggest alternative option that I have used its services personally …

  • For shared in budget: Siteground
  • For Managed Cloud hosting: Cloudways or Kinsta. These are my trusted hosting in my opinion.

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My experience is not so good. It is slow . I found their shared hosting plan better than cloud.


Please avoid hostgator as if it were the plague.


Fate of people who use Hostgator.

Have been waiting for the past 2 hours with this screen. No reply. No update.


Hostgator never ever go to EIG route.