Hosting Recommendation

I know there are lots of posts behind hosting but I want a personal suggestion.
I have been using Shared Hostgator plan. You know EIG hosting is abit taken as bad hosting just like Bluehost, Resellerclub.
I don’t have any support issue with them but what matters most is the speed.
So I have hosted multiple domains in a shared plan. I pay them around $150.
So, what is the better option for me with that much dollar?

What do you need?

  • Performance and priority Support
  • Cheapest hosting solution with avg support

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My yearly budget will be around $150-$180

Ok. Requirements looks High but budget is low.

Accordingly, I can suggest …


  • You can host multiple sites at one server. There is no limit. Your server as many you want, you can deploy.
  • Performance wise it’s good. They offer PHP 7.3, Apache (.htaccess support), NGINX, MariaDB.
  • Using its Control panel with in few clicks WordPress can be installed.
  • They have special plugin for migration. Just fill up details and proceed like that. Here at HGK, we have a tutorial also for the same.


  • Basic support. It’s just there to help you with navigating around Dashboard. Don’t expect too much.
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