How about using Discourse for Blogging instead WordPress?


Discourse is an amazing user-friendly software. I love the way it works. I am thinking to switch from WordPress to Discourse.


  • Category Organization is better at Discourse.
  • Discourse attracts less spam than WordPress.
  • For content publishing, Discourse is easy. Just by pasting image, it automatically optimize and upload.
  • It’s responsive
  • Things like rating markup can be managed by Tag Manager
  • Monetization with AdSense maybe bit tough.
  • I love the search feature :heart_eyes:

Let me know what do you think. Thanks in advanced



Very terrible idea.


Why so? It’s more user-friendly.


What about SEO differnces ??


As far SEO, content matters most.


It’s not resource friendly though … Blogs are designed to serve static posts for long tenure discourse’s content is highly dynamic.

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it won’t work, wordpress is more seo friendly.


If we don’t have users who comments a lot… will google give same benefit to forum that it gives to blog


Long tenure = more money = possible way to invest :slight_smile:


Not feasible.
Per GB spent on WordPress will cost around 2GB on Discourse.


I bet this thing is simpler than WordPress on Discourse, there is an adplugin and a google ads plugin both of which are very intuitive and easy to use and the prominent advantages are as follows:

  1. Auto injection on site header and footer
  2. Auto injection on nth Post
  3. Ads can be limited to trust level.


Plus customisation may not be available as per page. :frowning:

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Forum is a forum, blog is a blog.

Comment section can be merged into forum.


If you’re good with CSS then this can be alleviated by applying CSS to tagged elements.


Content should be indexed :slight_smile:


If your goal is just faster indexing try using ghost!

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Why am I feeling that one day you will add ads on this forum?

  • Never. I said… if I use Discourse instead of WordPress at primary domain then Monetization via AdSense for article may be tough.

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it’s not a bad thing.


Thanks for the all feedback. I will think twice on this subject.