How about using Discourse for Blogging instead WordPress?

(Mr. Potter) #23



But how…?

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #25

I think this is easy with this plugin offered by discourse


Thanks for the suggestion.

(Hitesh Bhasin) #27

If u want to rank then discourse is better. I told u this the day u started this forum. Go to google and ur forum is ranking even for tough keywords. A community does that to you.

So i wouldn’t say “Blog” on discourse. I would say share your unique stuff on discourse. U can easily replicate it on blog with different content style.

So i think you need not ask this question. Do an experiment yourself.

1 Take 10 posts with 10 focus keywords
2. Publish the blog posts on your blog. Change the content by 20-30% and post it on discourse too.
3. See which one ranks

U are not an adsense earner. So the same things which adsense earners use, need not apply to u. U can simply have a HIRE ME button and offer your unique services on a landing page. Or u can use affiliate marketing. Ultimately, you want traffic - whether its on blog or forum. And i think ur traffic is higher on this forum then on blog.