How can a blogger prove him as a business to bank and other services

Hello everyone!
Everyone is telling on the internet, that blogging is pure business

But how can we get benefitted and noticed by banks in terms of the loan and other facilities?

Maybe you know that whenever we try to buy a car on loan or get a loan for ourselves. Banks always give priority to a salaried person or registered businessmen. Being a blogger we neither have salary slip and nor business proof.

So how can we get a personal loan, business loan, or any other?

Even small businesses like Kirana shop, tailor shop have proof i.e. shop act license but we don’t.

So, please tell me some tips or advice, In order, I can get a loan in the future.

  • Credit Score
  • ITR
  • FD
  • Current Bank Account

I showed Bank A/c statement to get a Car loan from an NBFC.

You can show ITR to get loan from a bank.

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I think ITR can help.
I try to stay away from loans and credit card.
When i started blogging I was -25lakhs in loan after loosing my restaurant business. So since then whatever i have bought or done i have done in cash.
Its quite simple, when we take a loan we strech our finances to a limit. It usually happens because we dont have much margins in our income. Or you can say it savings…
So better stay away.


To get a loan as Business

  1. Create a Company ( Start with Proprietorship if you are alone )
  2. Create a Current Account in the name of the company.
  3. Divert all your income/ expenses from Blogs / Online activities from that account
  4. Maintain proper records of payments/ receipts
  5. File your ITR returns in time
  6. Pay your taxes on time ( PT, INCOME TAX, Shop & Establishment wherever applicable)

And then apply for Business Loan in the name of the company.

To get a Loan, You may need to show

  1. Past proof of income
  2. A Project Report mentioning the reasons for availing the loan. What are you going to do with the money. How is that helpful ( A CA Will help you to make that one)
  3. Security

If everything is in order, no bank will refuse to give a loan

Hope this helps

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I think ITR is common in all your answer.

So I think need more hardwork and more income.

more income

The more income you have bank will give you more loan

Bitter Truth

I think even if you have less income, I mean something which is less than a taxable income, you can and you should fill ITR.

I’m not a blogger but a service provider, I can prove myself a business through the following methods:

  1. I have Current Account in two banks under the name of my firm (ORNG Enterprises)
  2. I have the same firm Registered with GSTN & MSME (Udyog Aadhar)
  3. I have GSTR & ITR proving that I run my firm

When I started off, I didn’t have anything to prove myself as a business. So I had to start from some point. The route I chose was to form what is Known as a Sole-Proprietorship business firm. There can be other approaches too, You can declare yourself as a self-employed professional through the means of ITR and declaring source of income as Earnings from (whatever source) You don’t need to be affiliated to GSTN or anything to be a self-employed professional. You just need a place of business proof (this can be your house address) and a valid PAN card. You’ll have to file an ITR for at least 3 Years before any bank would consider raising a loan in your name as a self-employed professional. The ITR can not be a zero-return ITR. so yes, You’ll have to be in a really good standing before being able to raise loans from bank if you don’t want to get a business registered.

Just keep in mind that registering a business would also attract some kind of legal compliance (e.g. filing returns regularly on time, paying taxes etc.)


That’ll be Zero Return, Won’t help with loans as far as I know of my experience with kotak bank.