How can I make every url unique?


For example if there is 2 article with same title and for second wordpress will automatically put -2 at the end How can I make it stop doing this?

Is it possible to post id like this and so the next article with same title will be only the number changes but the title stays the same

I hope I am explaining it properly.



In WordPress, if you want to avoid this specific problem

You need to delete permanently from the “Posts > Trash” menu.


That’s it.


I did that. I don’t have any post on trash


You cannot have same permalink as published or trashed or draft or private post. I hope this is clear.

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Is there a way I can change permalink for certain ccategory? For example
football category articles

I want to have

and News category



You have to apply permalink globally like this


Then as per category, permalink will appear

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Even in this case also url can’t be same.


This should work for you:


Check the permalinks in settings


Won’t work


I think it should, even with date, month and year (in permalink) it should work for him.

Why so?


He already tried that.


@AbhishekVerma @Hitesh It works I am stupid. Cause it creates different post id. So when I delete post and create same post again with same title, this new one will have different post id but same title so this works cause the url is different from the old one.


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Glad to know that