How can i remove my website from google sandbox soon?

Before applying Adsense my 1 post was ranked on top5. also getting too much traffic from google. but when I am applying for Google Adsense that post has a little problem so I removed it. after I got approval but I think after that no one post ranking on google even my post not showing in google search too.
So someone told me that my website is on google sandbox. but anyone knows that how can i remove from google sandbox fast.
please reply me soon…

Switch to a new domain. Easier.

There is nothing like google sandbox.
Any site takes 8-12 months before your article ranks well and get good traffic.
Dont expect to build a business overnight.
Keep working, create helpful indepth content better than others and do good topic research to begin with. Put an effort continuasly for 1 year before you expect any results!