How can I transfer Payeer money to Paypal?

Yesterday I made an account on payeer to receive a small amount of payment.
I received the payment, now I want to transfer it to my PayPal account, how can I do it?

Please help because, this is my first payment ever received… :sweat_smile:

CC: @GulshanKumar @BihariLala

Why do you want to do that tho?

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There is no option to use that money to buy anything.

Small money will get even smaller if it goes through PayPay :disappointed_relieved:

Add bank account to Payeer and withdraw it…

Exactly :joy:

PayPal is very costly.

How? Please tell,
I don’t know much about it…

PayPay will take 2.9% + $0.30…

Payeer will have up and down currency exchange rate, and also PayPal…

If it is $10, you will get like $8 at the end.


Ok thanks… Now tell me how can I transfer payeer to bank account…

Check this :disappointed_relieved: