How could I exchange Ethreum coins to INR?


Hello, HGK!

I’m having 20k value of Ether coins. How could I exchange these coins to INR?

I have another idea. i.e Converting ether to btc and store btc in blockchain wallet. Will wait for the value to grow (maybe).

I’m confused. Need help.



Buy JSECoin with Ether.
Your 20k may become milliions.

Note: I am mining JSECoin


Thanks. Could you provide me a link about JSE coins. Need more info on this.


skrill is a option.
convert in btc and withdraw from skrill.


can you please explain the process?


This is the link with my aff id.


You can mine JSEcoin either by placing code on your site (doing this) or by using your own browser.


the site you shared looks weird!