How do I change IP address on Cloudflare after change of hosting provider?


Hey, I have recently migrated my site to a new host. Usually I’d just change the nameservers to point to my new host, but since my site is on CloudFlare, my hosting company asked me to update the IP address on CloudFlare.

Now when I log into CloudFlare (I have a free version) and pull up the site, and go to DNS, there are quite a few "a’ records. There are 10 A record entries, 3 CNAME entries, 1 MX entry, 5 SRV entry and 6 TXT entries.

Only the A name entries look to have a spot to update IP address. My question is: Do I update for each and every single entry I see? Or just the one specifically tied to the domain name. Also, what about the localhost A record. Do I need to change its IP too?

Just want to make sure I am doing this correctly.



in A records, change and point it to new host ip.
And cname ‘www’ to

These are the 2 main settings. Tagging @GulshanKumar to confirm.


Yes, it’s correct to make website live quickly from different server / new IP.

Just update A Record IP.

If using host email else no, need to ensure about correct MX records.