How do i implement structured data to my news site?


i have a google news site on wordpress i want to implement structured data with JSON-LD to my news article, how do i do that is that any plugin then which is the best plugin for news articles ?


Please search Schema Markup plugin in the you will find.


I suggest you thi plugin it’s great and use JSON-LD to insert schema.
But I delete it yesterday because it insert a lot of schema which increase page size.
Instead of using this I markup My whole using schema attribute.
I think that can work for me better.


Tested that plugin. I am sure, it doesn’t display News markup. All time, it shows @type BlogPosting


hey Gulshan can I go with schema pro it is a paid premium plugin and number one suggested by many bloggers buy my question is does is good for news articles ?


No. I don’t recommend it.

You can use a free plugin called Schema app.



Thanks bro,
does this plugin do schema markup for both the versions AMP and Non-AMP?


Yes, it works with AMP also