How do I Point My Domain in Cloudflare DNS?

Happy new year everyone!
I am going to move one of my site from ezoic to mediavine. The site is integrated via cloudflare which I had never tried earlier. Now it seems they have some weird cname and all in my dns record in cloudlfare. If i disintegrate the site from cloudflare. What CName is default one? what does a default setup looks like. Anyone?

Hi Saurav,

You can continue using Cloudflare DNS with below three types of records at DNS page.

AAAA ------> @ -------> IPV6 address
A ---------->  @ -------> IPV4 address
CNAME -------> www ------->
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Does this lead to site being down for a while as it propagates or its quick?
My site just went down and hosts say it is due to dns propagation?

Are you using Cloudflare NS?

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Yes. I figured it out.
It was my mistake on A name

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That’s good. You don’t need to change NS. Keep using CF as DNS just make sure to keep records correctly and everything will work as expected.

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Hello sir,
I encountered another issue.
The site is now bypassing cloudflare caching and firewall after i made the dns changes. Could you please tell me what can be wrong?

At DNS page, change from :grey: grey to :orange: orange cloud for A record and www