How do you buy hosting for your clients?


I am planning to start with Freelancing. I have some questions. I am about to create new websites for my clients. What is is the best practice?

  1. Should I ask my clients to buy and give me the domain and hosting?

  2. Or should I get a domain and hosting for them and charge them for that?

(I am very concerned about this because, I get a domain and hosting using my account, my billing details, Paypal details will be linked to it.)

How do professionals freelancers handle this?



Hey, @nirmalkumar1997!

This is my concern also, I also think how pro freelancer manages this.

So far, I share my affiliate links to my clients and ask them to purchase hosting using that…

It gives my affiliate sale.

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I too had this thought of giving affiliate links to client @Dixravi. But not all clients will be interested with this. Some might say that they just want the finished website and are not interested in buying on their own. How to manage these clients?

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Never. I won’t buy for them.

Sending affiliate link or suggestion is fine.

In my opinion, They are legally responsible to do sign up at their own computer with own consent.



This if the project is one time only.

This if it is recurring.



Buy domin/hosting using their name and email and ask them to forward the confirmation email to you. Inform them later they need to secure these accounts.

If possible prefer not using your card details for these purchases.



Yes, I was very much concerned about this. I will make sure my client purchases the domain and hosting.