How do you manage to publish long article everyday?

So in my other blog, I have set a target to have at least 2000 words in each article, some of them even have 5000 words. But I am not able to manage my time for this. I mean writing takes a lot of time and also I have a full-time job also. What can I do in this case? How to push content every day?

Right now I have only 6 articles on my blog.

Niche: Tech listicle

Templates: Make templates before for different type of articles

Outlines: Make outlines before writing article, it results in a better flow compared to writing from scratch

Write as much as you can, then edit it later.


Spend a solid 2 - 3 hrs everyday for your writing. Since you have a full-time job, it’s very difficult to manage writing part as well as SEO. So, prepare a timetable for your blogging. Spend two days for content writing and one day for marketing. Again two days for writing and one day for marketing (SEO).
I hope this can help you a bit.

thanks a lot @MyilRaj and @Boba, just to let you know guys I spend very les time on marketing as I a connected to Fb, Twitter APIs. So they keep on sharing my posts every hour and it fetches posts and shares them randomly.

Most of my time goes in writing only. I use Yoast for SEO what else can I do for SEO? How to build links? I don’t want to spend time on Guest Posting. I mean I am not able to write for myself, how can I write for others?

Even guest posts are paid. Broken link building is quite famous, although I never tried it, I would recommend you to try it, it is mentioned by every SEO expert. You can find Broken links from using ahrefs.

Hire someone. Blogging is all about sharing information in Text, Image. So, you have to plan for it.

Trust me you dont need anything else except good content!
Has popular sites come to you to ask for linking out? No we link out to them because they have good content!
I recently got wikihow links (4 link) without any effort.
Just make good content!
I dont even do any social media except Pinterest! People find my site good so they self promote it in some fb groups on their own! It is that simple!
Does link building works? Yes.
Does it work for a small blogger like us? No.
Instead of mailing 100 guys to get one link i would rather write 1 long post and post it!
Can we make full time income from a blog without link building? Yes we can.
I have did it twice now and i am sure any one can!