How do you protect your password?


Recently I heard that “Abine Blur Password Manager User Data Exposed Online” :flushed:

Which password manager do you trust and use?

  • Chrome/Firefox Browser Sync
  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Dashlane
  • I keep note in the Excel sheet
  • Others

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It’s critical to use two factor authentication at all major online accounts

and more…

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Anyone using a self-hosted password manager like Bitwarden?


I’m using the inbuilt password manager of chrome and Firefox


Chome Browser Sync + 2FA protection for Gmail.


I have a set of 5 different combinations and 3 derivatives of those (inclusion/exclusion of special characters in a specific pattern)
I’ve enabled krypton U2F or Authy 2FA at every login or otherwise SMS based TOTP.

I don’t trust services like lastpass/dashlane as ultimately whatever I store ends up in their database and we all know that with the right skills any hacker can find a way around it.

I admit most of my passwords are throwaway and saved into Google Password Manager and Firefox Sync but there is always a Zero-Trust 2nd factor service set up to prevent any hacking.


Bitwarden looks good but are there any direct competitors for evaluation?


Great! We can add one more via Sync Passphrase option.