How do you secure your wordpress site

Which plugin you normally you use to protect your site from hacking and malware attacks?

  1. Malcare
  2. WordFence
  3. Sucuri

Any server side measures you have taken to protection?

  • Sucuri is for DDoS protection, filters malicious traffic before it reaches origin server.

  • It is helpful when you cannot update theme or plugin on time, still wish to remain secure. For that purpose its offers DNS level protection. This way it prevents from XSS, SQL injection, etc.

  • A lesser known thing, it also includes reverse-proxy CDN based Page Caching which makes site crazy fast globally. Its plugin allow automatic purge. Not pefect, but good enough. Here’s a detailed review that can give you more information.

  • If you are managing sites actively, keeping regular backup, up to date theme and plugin then for security, it’s not required.

  • WordFence is great for scanning sites, I don’t prefer keeping always active.

  • No idea about Malcare but I have heard good.

  • I prefer keeping regular backup, up to date everything for the security.

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I never used these so-called security plugins in my WP Career.