How Frequent I Should Reboot a VPS?

I had logged in my droplet 4, 5 days ago and performed a reboot command. Then again I have logged in just 5 mins ago, and it was showing system restart required. Again I have performed a reboot command. But there were 0 package updates and 0 package upgrades.

It is happening with my DIgitalOcean and UpCloud both of the servers.

So, How Frequent I Should Reboot a VPS?

Once in a month.

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Is there any problem if we don’t reboot frequently?

Rebooting address Kernal updates.


Then why it’s showing system restart required when I login after 5,7 days of the last reboot?

I dont get any such messages.

Which tutorial did you followed for setup? Please send URL if possible.

I always reboot my servers every Saturday mid-night to prepare the server for another week.

Also used Some more commands for my need.