How Google Places Video Section in SERP

(Ravi Kumar) #1

I have a simple question but it may bother every “how to” blogger.
I have seen Google Places Video Section in midst of SERP page, sometime in bottom or top for "how to word’’.
I want to know, "'how google place video section at different positions of SERP for How To.

(**Unknown**) #2

I personally feel like if it’s from youtube then they check tags, title and description.

If it’s from blog self hosted video (which is very rare to show up in serps) then they might look at keywords and title of rest of the content.

I am also not fully sure though

(Ravi Kumar) #3

I am asking for position rule of video section in SERP

(**Unknown**) #4

Oh you were talking about entire section.

Sorry I have no idea on this

(Piyush Suthar is Spreading Peace) #5

OG Meta graphs Are used to give Info To google If The Page Is containing Something…