How has your experience been with ValueImpression?

I recently received an email to try ValueImpression and have decided to test them for a month. Their Net-0 payout term is what caught my eye.

For now, ValueImpression has approved my account but talking with the account manager on Skype has been the worst experience so far. He keeps me hanging half the time and decides to switch the conversation to email while leaving the questions unanswered on Skype.

And strangely I have not received an invitation to Ad Manager. Most networks similar to ValueImpression send an Ad Manager invitation email to enable Google AdX demand.

If any of you are using ValueImpression, please share your experience specifically payment and support time.

I would stay clear of such sites.
Here are my take after checking them out:-

  1. Not a google certified partner like ezoic, mediavine, etc.

  2. Payment of Net0 is practically impossible for any good company.
    As all networks pay at net 30-45 so if they pay out of pocket for an impression and doesn’t get paid at the end by the ad company then they are at loss. There is a lot of behind the scene going on which you need to learn for this particular point.

  3. No proper information on GDPR compliance, etc available.

I would go with monumetric, Mediavine or adthrive if possible!