How Important is SERP in Keyword Research?


I was doing keyword research from past 4 Days and I was confused with what all factors should we consider a keyword.
Mainly I was confused with KD and SERP? Should we consider both? If consider How much max we can consider it? Please help me out with this.

BTW I am using SEMRUSH free trail.


SERP is not like KD. KD is just a number calculated by SEO tools.

SERP is actual search engines pages.

Use KD to filter out keywords, then look at SERP to gauge the competition, etc.

How much maximum can we consider a SERP results?

Can you elaborate what are you trying to ask?

yeah sure …for example I’m having an keyword and it is having a volume of 1500 per month , KD of 75/100 and serp of 133M …can I consider that keyword or not ?