How is adx doing for you

Guys if you’re using Adx on your site, how is it doing for you. Please let me know. It will be also helpful to others as well. Is it worth running these days?

I have used in past at HGK, it was slightly higher in generating income compared to AdSense.

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Hi @GulshanKumar which ad network are you using currently on HGK

Hello, right now I am using Google AdSense.


I thought it is different ad network. But why did you alter it if Adx was giving higher pay than this.

Got rejected (later) due to less traffic.

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Can you tell me how long back you’ve used Adx? Months or years?

3 months back.

Ok, thanks, sent a message to you.

Makes as much as AdSense. I stopped using it because AdX failed to surpass AdSense earnings and it slows down website.


Thanks Gulshan and Biharilala. Your expereinces say Adx is matching Adsense revenue.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: