How is WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin?

I want to replace Yoast and Rank Math plugins on my sites with following WordPress Plugins for SEO… Is it a good decision?

Breadcrumb NavXT

Easy WP Meta Description

XML Sitemaps

Ultimate Nofollow WordPress Plugin

RankMath Free is a good one man army.

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The more plugin you have the more trouble you get into.

I have no seo plugin on any of my sites and they are doing just fine!

I would say get rid of them all.
Use WordPress default sitemap.
And invest in a good theme that can do most seo job for you!

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Seo plugins helps in optimising your blogs seo but don’t stress over it.

For a stablish site, what you need to look for In a plugin is stability. Installing plugins which are not stable – can takeaway your content creation time.

I use yoast for seo because of its stability (+functions). Most seo plugins somewhat does the same job.

And you can use builtwith dot com to find out what other blogs/websites are using.

By the way - shoutmeloud, neilpatel uses yoast…


Thanks for your precious suggestion. This post can prove to be beneficial to that use WordPress plugins.