How long take to rank a low competition keywords


How long it will take to rank in google for a low competition keywords without backlinks and with backlinks.

What is your experience in this regard?
Give me tips to rank fast in google without backlinks?


its depand on keywords I have never tried to rank keyword without a Backlink but in edu niche if your content are best and long then you rank i have edu site and my site take 4month to rank ( not all keyword)


i my case i have created 2 different sites on 2 low competition keywords 1 of my site is ranked in just 15 days on first page and 2nd one take 45 days. so its totally depend on keyword.


Did you use backlinks for your first site to rank in 15 days?


yeah bro i have created 2 web 2.0s for both :smiley:


Site name and niche pm me