How long will bloggers survive :P

Have a look at the right side knowledge graph. So how long do u think u will be able to earn enough pocket money out of this? Out of blogging?


Days are numbered. If u needed motivation, this is the pic that will do it for u. Google is conquering all. u wanna grow, grow now. By 2025 this is what all serps will look like. People wont have to go from google to sites for information at least. Traffic of secondary sites will drop drastically. Authority sites will conquer.

Before you give gyaan that you can still differentiate yourself and still rank for several queries, please also let know how to make decent sizeable income from those queries. You will make pocket money at best from niche sites. And how long before the niche is taken over by authority sites.

In short - Buck up and run fast rather then thinking that u will get there at ur own pace. It is not sites vs sites now. Its sites vs google and google owns the search space.

Decent, respected opinions welcome. Arguments welcome. Ideas Welcome

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I think the fear is taking over your due diligence.

Yes, google knowledge graph is growing but those are just for general search terms.
Who tries to rank for the word distribution.
These are called buffet titles. Google is unsure what to serve so they serve a complete knowledge graph.

Try searching what is distribution network and something specific and you will find a lot of blog ranking…

Also, when i am working on 2-3 sites continuously i Still i find 1000’s of question unanswered.

People have said blogging is dead when featured snippet were first introduced but still nothing much changed. Infact you can beat most authoritative site if you know how to get that feature snippet right.

Being a full time blogger my self, i can see blogging exist until people have a doubt in mind and they have internet to search for the answer. Yes the type of questions you answer might change.

And some niches may die. For example photography is a dying niche. No kne owns a digital camera nowadays who wants to click photos. Every one use their phone now. Same applies for fossil fuel(dying industry)etc.

I understand being worried about a business venture, but it sounds like you’re letting FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) get you down.

Right now i am making more from our passive income sites than ever before. I’ve NEVER had a passive site hit such milestones like it did in past few months.

I am looking at sites in ALL KINDS OF NICHES grow incredibly quickly. It’s a FANTASTIC time to be doing internet marketing and specially blogging.

You just neee a direction and right attitude to learn things and grow. Enhancing your skill is the most crucial task you need to do every day if you want to do anything in this field.


I think this thread should answer that question. Progress Update For My Blog:-Month 13 Update - #178 by saurav_556

All blogpost in this website is about helping people with their garden. For example how to grow apple, its care, and needs and more. There is no topic like best xxxx for this or best yyy for that.

Only education and helpful question answered in depth with correct info.

One more important point. How does google earn money? They make most of their income from ads they show on blogs. So will they kill blogs? I don’t think so.

They can never write all questions answer. There are lots of topic that requires human experience that machine cannot do. Yes the serp is changing and it will change. Google does that to keep people on the serp but that doesn’t mean they want blogs to be dead!


For now. U will find that google will bring more algo updates covering secondary queries. And u will find google answering most queries with AI. Whats voice search? Voice search answers questions and then gives choices to read websites. But websites are so cluttered for voice search. So going forward, search engines have to adapt for voice search. Thus, this will result in google rewriting almost everything with AI.

Many people. But none of them will rank. Google cannibalized them via wikipedia. But the topic is that only. Google understood the word distribution because of content creators. ANd they were cannibalized and now google answers distribution. Tell me why we should not try to rank for that word?

Disagree. If u look at any site which was 5-7 years old u will see consistent drop in traffic. Featured snippet and the introduction that for one keyword, only one page of one site will rank in top 10 has caused problems for many who were ranking before. This allowed new bloggers to enter and grow. But now, google will answer many questions itself.

I didnt say blogging wont exist. I said how much money will u earn from it and will it be sizeable.

Because u are doing it full time. How many are full time on this forum? And my statement was - Go fast. Going full time is going fast. U cant write 1 blog a day and think u will earn. U urself are doing it doesnt mean everyone can do it. Do u mean to say someone doing full time job can do blogging on the side in todays age? Sorry but i disagree

Are u sure? I have been running a business and my PPC budget was 14 lakhs last year. Not 1 rupee on Display ads. It was all on PPC. And do u know, i am a very small business. How many businesses are there using PPC. If u are from india, u know croma, vijay sales, reliance digital, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Adsense and all is important. But its a dropping means of income for google is my vote. I need to do some research on this or u do it urself to find out. More profitable is adwords and allowing local competitors to compete. Thats why google is reducing organic results. So u advertise to rank.

Writing all question answer will not make us equivalent money as launching a new business venture. I am saying either go fast with blogging, or launch different types of business ventures.


I have been following u quite some time. i respect what you have done with ur sites. I am not saying that anyone cant grow and its doom or i am having fear. But u are doing it full time as u said. So in a way u are agreeing with what i said. Go fast, go hard at it and only then u earn money.

U tell me one thing. U are writing on gardening right? Lets say a person enters in this niche. He is having a full time job and he writes 1 blog post a day. Can he outrank u or can he make equal money to u?

If not, then isnt this clearly that the win is for people who are fast and others will lose? This is same in offline business also. If i work aggressive, my competitors lose. Thats it.

in the end i leave u with this screenshot. Will u go to the source if google is giving the answers? Google has started working on major keywords. How long before it starts processing and giving direct answers for secondary keywords. All i m saying is - go fast.


P.s - Due respect to u, this took too much time to answer :smiley: Haha. So next post after this will be less in depth answers :slight_smile: Thanks and i enjoyed writing this.

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Adsense competes with youtube. And now u will find Youtube ranks for many queries in serps. In fact, nowadays many people first search on youtube rather then google.

Again u will feel i am all doom and gloom. I m only saying that google has complete rights to do this. If i owned google i will do this to increase my profits.

but because i m a blogger, i am telling other bloggers run fast. Thats all.


Yes, youtube does rank for many questions. But as i have told you need to change the approach of how you blog.

If you search how to types questions then youtube is a thing but if yiu go and search can dogs eat mangoes in youtube what will you get nothing! Search that in google and there you will get the answer.p

I jumped as a full time blogger last month. Before I have owned and runned a restaurant on side, I have ran a travel busines, a delivery business and my dad’s small business side by side and writing one to two blog post daily.

When i started making money, instead of partying with that i invested all of it in content. That gave me the speed i needed and finally last month i took the leap of faith and started full time.

When i say fulltime i mean i do nothing now on sides. Still the time i give to write or run my blog remains same. 3 hours a day. That’s it. Still most of my time go towards learning new skills and things. You can still write 1-2 post a day and make fulltime income from blogging. Just the topic you choose to write and how you approach it has changed.

I still believe one can do blogging side by side.
When i was working as my business and more i used to learn by listening podcast and videos whenever i had time(travelling, lunch breaks and more) and i used to wake 2 hours early write one post and come back home and write one post before sleeping!
Thats the dedication you need when you don’t have anything. Once you start making some money, invest and get your time back! Simple as it is…

I cannot see that happening in next 10-15 years. After that may be. But then business will evolve and there will be new strategy to work on. Always.

As far as voice search goes. Today most voice searches are used for general word meaning, calculator, weather, direction etc. If you choose your topic wisely it won’t be a problem!

I have worked with mediavine and adthrive and within the community i have met people that makes over 100k$ per month with just ads provided by these companies. Now who provides these companies with ads? 80% is google rest are other media agency.

So you see if you see just adsense it won’t give you true picture.

Adthrive alone generates over 100 million$ every month from ad revenue. Most of that comes from Google. And those ads shows up on our sites. Its the publisher who makes a fair share!

The key for a new blogger is not to outrank an established site. Go for underserved keywords. If you learn more about the niche, dive in you will learn a lot of topics and when you see there is no blogpost on that, Bingo! Thats the jackpot you need to succeed!

There is still a way to drive traffic to your word ‘distribution’.

Create 10-20 blog post around it and sell your internal link well to post that is about distribution. Overtime your distribution post will be in top 10 and will also get traffic through your site posts.

I do this for most competitive keywords in my niche. For example if dog care guide is really competitive , i create the guide and 10-20 post around kt that drives traffic to it. Soon google will study user behaviour and understand the post is good one and you will climb in ranking.

Do you think gardening is a non competitive industry. Try searching 10 keywords and you will know! There are over a 1000 good blogs in the space. Still there are topics which you can write on if you dive into the niche and decicate time in learning the skill of reseaching good topics.

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I understood from ur replies that u want to say that you are earning from blogging because u are working in specific ways. I can see that you are working hard and i am not questioning that. You are conquering niches. U say that ads have lot more potential because others are doing it.

But i made a clear statement. I am not talking of today. I am talking 5 years down the line. Specifically 2025 because i already know that AI content will be a threat. I am saying That bloggers who want to make money from blogging should work hard before google conquers primary and secondary queries. The money belongs in primary and secondary keywords and those will be taken over by google. You can work hard for tertiary queries and google will award those because google needs data. And google can and will write AI content answering queries. These were my statements forecasting the future.

I showed screenshots of primary queries. Which have been conquered by google. I am saying google will conquer secondary queries soon.

Can u share ur point of view in this direction? Or a clear statement? Whats urs? What do u think the future will be like? 5 years, 10 years horizon?

I got your point.

But when I say queries it is different thing. Not only me anyone can get traffic from google easily. What you need to understand is search intend.

Lets see how google works. Googles only work is to give you the most appropriate answer to the question the user types.

When you type a word in Google say dog, distribution or anything. Google is not sure what you want. Intend is not clear here. So google shows you everything. Right from images, videos, knowledge panel, people also ask, wikipedia followed by few blog posts as well.

But if you avoid these buffet titles and target specific questions which you are referring as secondary queries. These can’t be written by AI. Why? Because im every niche there are potentially 10000’s of question to answer and google can’t do that.

Now understand how snippet work. Say your article is about can dogs eat peanut butter. Yiu have covered topics like whats good and whats negative of feeding that and nutrition value, serving size and more. When user searches how much peanut butter can dogs eat. Since you have it in your article, google picks that up and ranks as a snippet.

Thats how a user gets the answer. Now coming to my thoughts on AI replacing that?
I think thats not happening anytime in next 15 years. After that? May be…but not anytime soon! Also the knowledge panels you see are not AI generated. There is a team that writes and present the content. So it takes times and resources. So creating so much resources is not possible.

Also do you think just because there is a knowledge graph people won’t click your article and read top 2-3 articles?
I don’t think so. The knowledge graph gives me an insight but doesn’t answer the question all the time so people are bound to click and read.

I typed in dogs can eat peanut butter and here is what snippet tells me. Will i be satisfied with this much info? Won’t i need to leanr how much how often and what if something wrong happens? So even if the answer was given by google in 3-4 sentence i would have read more in depth article on it.

I think lets agree to disagree because we are speaking of different things

Below answer to the query is enough for me for my immediate query to be answered on which are the best dog breeds.


When i click on one dog i get this


I get to see the dog playing in my hall and u are saying we are 15 years away from AI content :slight_smile:

U are saying there are more queries u can rank for. Like the one u said “Can dogs eat peanut butter” and that we will not be satisfied with the featured snippet.

To me, the answer Yes, dogs can eat peanut butter is enough. And Even ahead of that, the Authority of the bloody sites ranking for that keyword. The average DA to rank for that query is 50+ Means an authority site.

Even if u have DA+, the first link is what most people will go for. Or 2nd or 3rd. Ranking 9th? Hardly any click. And plus if google gives a featured snippet, the first link attracts 35-40% of clicks.

I think u are saying that people will adapt. And i am saying the money in blogging is in primary and secondary keywords. Even this query “Can dogs eat peanut” has 40500 searches as per adwords. So its not a tertiary query and i guarantee u google will answer it soon.

Disagree completely. 2025.


I respect your thoughts and i wish u all the best. Please dont think this rude of me for quitting the discussion. Whole day i just sat and thought about this thread :smiley: Too much time went in todays discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will sit with a bottle of beer and think about it some more. Cheers.

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I am not telling to rank for alternative keywords or tangetional keywords. The point we started with was is blogging dying in coming 5 years.

And the point i want to make is blogging will always be there and people will continue making money until people have a question and you have an answer. Google can take a small piece of pie but they can never take over entire search industry.

All you need to do is learn the right technique that works in the longterm and keep working in that direction.

Just to add the last bit
People had same doubt in 2015 through 2020 and as i said thats the fear of uncertainty. We can’t forecast what will happen tomorrow. All i would say is learn the right skill, find your path and keep moving you will succeed one day!

If you believe blogging is dead for a new blogger starting today, let me tell you i am starting a new site next month that will post one article a day. And i am sure that will do equally good.

Does being slow means you won’t succeed? Absolutely No! That just means you will take longer to reach your goals. As long as you keep moving, you will see a way forward!

Two days ago, I was thinking about, “how Google dropping third party cookies from Chrome will affect blogging and Ad income generation”.

This thread came as a wonder and the expert conversation clears my mind.

It gives me confidence to take blogging more seriously.

Thanks @saurav_556 and @razor for pouring your profound wisdom of blogging here. Its useful for many aspirants like me.

Ad income might drop a little but companies are working hard to minimise that because they too make money when we do!

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