How many bloggers on this forum are financially independent?

This is a very interesting question I must ask. How many bloggers on this forum are financially independent? People can comment and write down their age. I am curious to know how many such bloggers are connected to this forum. It will be lots of learning from them.

I have started blogging in 2013 and become a full-time blogger in 2015. Currently managing 6+ blogs in various niches and more than half of them are generating a decent income.


I am 27 and i am fully make a fulltime income from my blog. I had reached the milestone last year itself. I started my blogging journey in 2012 but left it since I didn’t had much knowledge.

That time i was building a travel site called travelmyindia.

They again i got some direction and started again in 2018 after my restaurant business crashed and i was in a financial mess.

This time it was a do or die situation for me and this time i did it …

Looking back i can’t imagine how my life would be if I was not in this business.


I’m 24, I started blogging in 2016 during 2 year of my engineering and earned my first 100$ in 2018, Now I am and full-time freelancer on Upwork and also runs many niche blogs.
Blogging is a long term investment, you can’t get successful overnight if you don’t have a proper guide and person to teach.

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You are freelancing in which niche? Is it content writing or assignment or others?


Please introduce yourself.

Web Developer

I am not a Blogger but started as a blogger. My blogs did not did well, except 1-2 small affiliate sites. Learnt a lot of lessons and switched to freelancing in 2017-2018.

I have been financially independent since that time and now I work for just 3-4 small businesses in U.S.A and doing SEO very successfully for them.

I am planning to leave this industry soon though since I have encountered some serious health issues over past (especially with my eyes, posture etc.)

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I suggest invesing in a good chair setup and a good quality screen. Get a big monitor so it doesn’t strain your eyes and try to take a break after every hour or so.
It helps!


I’m a gaming chair by ANTEsports and MSI Optix G241 monitor= Total comfort

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I prefer green soul brand for chairs. I have two of them and I love them!

Thanks for the suggestion bro. My eye sight is a little too much weaker from childhood actually. I wear like eye lenses of 4.5 diopter from 4th grade, but surely if career switch does not goes well, I will consider it.