How many blogs do you have in your portfolio?

Hey guys.

How many blogs do you operate or have in your portfolio? Please mention the age of each blog and how much they are making?

No need to reveal the domain name. Just name blog1, blog2, …

Blog 1:- 2500$
Blog 2:-1800$

Blog 3 just started.
Blog 1 is done and sitting idle for about a year now.
No new article. Just a passive small site.

Site 2 progress can be tracked here.

Site 3 is work in progress. Researching for topics and writing about to start!


All the best bhai


6 Blogs on the Line.
1 - Money Making
2 - Affiliate Marketing
3 - Technical SEO
4 - Parenting
5 - Religious
6 - Travel

The first three blogs were generating 4 - 5 Digit Income whereas the other three were just started to grow.


Is the income through adsense, affiliate marketing, selling courses or all of them?

9 sites

Site one and two are one year old
The rest are new between 1 month to 8 months

Blog 1 - free ebooks - untouched from last 1 year - monthly adsense - $500
Got ideas for other blogs but didn’t get enough time to start one