How many cache types can be used with Nginx

I have seen many types of cache but if we want to implement multiple cache then which are the best to get maximum speed with good performance.

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Nginx cache
Browser Levrage cache

Which can be used with nginx I mean LEMP optimized WordPress site.

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  • Nginx FastCGI cache - Best for serving web page quickly
  • Redis - For object caching of Database
  • Browser Cache - Best for static files
  • Opcache - For PHP cache
  • Memcached (not Memcache both are different) - Used as alternative of Redis.
  • Varnish: Alternative to FastCGI caching, it helps serving pages quickly.

There is little to no benefits of using all types of caching as it can be conflicting and consume more resources at the end.

I generally prefer keeping FastCGI only for LEMP. It can handle higher number of requests/second.


NGINX Fast CGI is enough for your website. Do not use multiple caches or it will create contradictions. I am also using NGINX FastCGI on my website.

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Thank you so much