How Many Of You Are Using Ahrefs Webmaster Tool?

Yesterday I have checked my site Audit in Ahrefs Webmaster Tool and saw one major issue with 745 urls “Page has links to broken page” error in Site Audit each page is linked with my own Domain URL in “Internal outlinks to 4xx” 409 conflict

How to fix this ??

Thank You In Advance

Contact hosting support team to check server log why it’s showing 409.

Hello @GulshanKumar

Each URL is working fine on site, in search engines & in webmaster too with 0 error but why Ahrefs is showing 409 conflict also what to say to hosting agent??

Also my all the category has meta description still showing missing… .

Thank You for looking into this issue & giving your precious time.

Hello again!

You can ask hosting support to check the log it contains information of error with reason stated.

That would be helpful. You can also contact Ahrefs support to check if there is any issue with their system.


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Status Update:-

I have contacted to my hosting team and they suggested me the silly solution to change the permalink settings, there after I have contacted to Ahrefs support team and I found this reply:-

The 409 error is a specific issue for all websites hosted on Bluehost. There is unfortunately nothing we can do in this regard from our end. Please check this article for more details:

So now the user have only 2 options, either Change the hosting or ignore the Ahrefs site audit 409 conflict issue… .