How many of you using Block Editor

How many of you using Gutenberg editor? What is advantage of using it?

Somehow I do not like using it as it adds some markup in HTML section.

Iā€™m using.
It is very good & easy to use.

If you publish short article (<500 words), Classic maybe better.

However if you write lengthy content, use Block Editor for proper structure.

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I use it and it is really helpful when writing long article. Yes it does add some markup to html section but when I use custom html I convert it into a block which make it even easier to use.

I am still using Classic Editor even for long articles which is convenient for me.


Yaah, Just try once the Gutenberg, then will be more comfortable for you.

Gutenberg was released in the response of rising popularity of Wix Site builder. Gutenberg is good if you like to add blocks and shortcodes. There are many great block plugins for Gutenberg.

Otherwise, Classic Editor is way better for writing traditional posts that include text and images.

I was also reluctant to try Gutenberg when it was first introduced and felt classic editor more comfortable. But after playing around with Gutenberg for sometime, I think it is good. As @Boba said, it kinda feels like using page builder. If you want more customization options then go with Gutenberg, you will slowly get used to it.


It makes it really good for customisation

Classic V/s Block Editor

Classic Block
Yoast FAQ No, manually possible by code or other plugin Yes
Formatting long content Difficult Easy
Easy to add table, button, jump No way, manually add code Yes
Hang while editing? Yes, every now and then No
Performance None impact Just 6KB additional
Future Proof? Not really. Yes, as per trend.

Editing my Old articles with Gutenberg created some problem for me, so i had to switch back to Classic Editor.