How many of you using the google adsense's opportunities under optimization?

How many of you using the google adsense’s opportunities under optimization? See the image below. Is it worth?

For me, I have benifited most of the time.

really? this need to be discuss further, personally i do not use it. How is CTR and CPM?

Increased. whenever I apply their reccomodation.

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do you block certain ads?

turn off auto ads.

need @DUGGU commenting on this. he is a pro.

Currently, i am using fixed sized ads. I tried for 1 week responsive ads but cpc and ctr just drop. I do not if this is due to the ads or just bad luck on that week

I am using responsive ads everywhere, It is working better for me as compare to fixed ads.

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I’m using Google’s own decision means Google choice of optimizations & experiments and obviously responsive ads with auto ads average level.

which auto ads do you use? average is 50%? may i know the placement? thank you

Should i on it?

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 21.35.26 #feeling scared and i scared too many ads and low cpc ads

As Google wants by default, I haven’t done any different settings.

Due to shomehat low traffic not too much ads. Just 1 before post 1 after post, 2 in sidebar 1 inside article after 2nd paragraph with auto ads for just now.

yes, check if it seems beneficial then why not?

do you have text /link ads enable? or all are responsive images

Depends on the site layout and placements, most of the times fixed ads perform better. If fixed ads were working better in ur website then revert back.