How much Ad placement is necessary


I was using auto ads initially and now using Ad inserter plugin and I tested ads in different location.
Now 70-80% traffic is from mobile. So putting ads in sidebar is not worth it.
If users stays till scrolling down only can see the side baar or bottom widgets ads. So better I did not place any ads there.
So when I place one ad before post and second one before first paragraph my ctr increased but revenue was 6$ per thousand page views.
I removed ad from before post location and put the ads before 1st paragraph and second one after first paragraph.
My ctr went down and earning also went down to 2 $ per day.

I was confused about ctr it was near 6%.
What should I do now.



6% CTR is not an issue, if there is no illegal activity.
If you are getting $6 - for per 1000 page view, its really a good amount. I think you should keep first one ad placements.

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Thank you from today I will do it.

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