How much speed improvement I can see if I shift from Hostgator to Linode/Vultr?

So I have got two websites hosted on Hostgator and both of them are being monetized by Ezoic. Both websites score 13 and 49 on mobile and desktop respectively or almost similar.

I have tried almost all the caching method, image optimization. When I test it the second time it reaches 48 and 75 for mobile and desktop, obviously it takes from the cache that’s why there’s an improvement.

But my main concern is how much speed improvement can I notice after shifting to Vultr/Linode. I know it’s because of the host that my website is loading slow. Also, I wanted to try it for 1 month so $5/website instance will work? for 2000-3000 users per day?

avoid ezoic if you need sub second load time

It can handle 400-1000/ in real time and 1TB / Month data transfer…10x more than any shared host.


Do they provide free SSL also?

You need to manage the server on your own and it can be a challenge if you are not technically sound and know what you are doing.
Also, everything needs to be done by your end right from ssl to WordPress installation to security.
So be careful with that!
It is not like managed hosting or shared hosting!

If you are looking for managed or shared hosting at cheap price but with good performance go with bigscoots.
They are great with those medium 7-8$ per month plan!

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As they are unmanaged Cloud Server provider therefore all you’ll get is any selected OS or image of your choice in a region running over Static IP with its root Credentials. Now it’s up to you what you add. Be it SSL Certificate, Apache, PHP, WordPress or anything all you’re suppose to install yourself. They are completely not responsible in anyway to provide support for these basic stuffs. You’ve to figure out yourself how to make things work even if it breaks. That’s why it’s called un-managed server and it is relatively cheaper, yet powerful.

A top and free SSL provider is in the market. It’s trusted by all modern browsers.

If you need get it done, you can hire me.

Or, do it yourself.

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My shared hosting has 3GB RAM & 2 CPU Cores. But still it’s not able to handle so much traffic. WIll I get any better result with These VPS providers?

Most likely.

MY website is on shared hosting, domain is on Google Domains + using Cloudflare. Now I want to go with Linode or Vultr plan in December (still have time to complete My contract).

I have checked your article + YouTube video too by viewing or reading it looks Pretty simple and easy to do but I know my self as I am not techy definitely will meet any issue or confusion, Also happy I can hire you.

My requirements is I want to host my website in Linode or Vultr (according to & want to migrate complete website but little bit confused which plan should I pick?

For migration, Pro Plan (at least)

Thank You Gulshan Kumar Ji, definitely I will be back with this requirements before December ends.

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You’re welcome!