How much time does it take for on page SEO to work

I am new Hindi blogger , started just month back . How much time does it take for seo to work ?

Because I see many of my post have 0 impressions . It is not possible that no one is searching about that topic.

( I have 40 posts and publish 4-5 post in a week )

All new domains whose content were never indexed before, are by default in Google Sandbox. What does it mean?

  • Regardless of your content quality, you’re not gonna rank for any search query.

  • Expect discrimination by Search Engine due to domain popularity in general (I am not speaking about DA, PA)!

  • Google may rank irrelevant content for the same but a new domain won’t appear till 5 to 10th page.

This will happen for a while …

What to do?

  • Understand it will take uncertain time. It can be three months, six months or even year to see some result.

  • Target new exploding topic that is not covered well before and at least not by any popular site. Then there will be a chance in 2020 otherwise it’s very very very hard.

  • Keep your site technically strong, user-friendly, faster and overall better than your rivals.

All the best…!!!


Thanks Sir for your valuable advice

I agree with your valuable suggestion. your post points exact and accurate.

It’s been 5 months since I started posting content… slowly my Google organic traffic is like 15, 19 day by day…