How much total adsense tax you guys pay each year

Hello guys I wanted to know how much total adsense taxes you pay each year.

I pay around 3 lakh per year what about yours. And share some ways to reduce this tax amount.

Do you pay 3 lacs per annum for half of total revenue or full?

Full amount

Actually I don’t have much idea about taxes. Any suggestions

Okay. So you don’t mention the expenses and all? My CA said that we get 50 percent rebate when filing for professional services. I don’t remember his exact words.

Yes after that I am supposed to pay 3 lakhs

Under which section we get 50 percent rebate?

This is only applicable with annual earnings less than 20 Lakhs :thinking:

3 lakh in taxes or your taxable amount is 3 Lakhs?

Right, it’s for taxable income less than 20 lac

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I think his taxable amount is 3 lacs.


No my total income right now is approx 20 lakhs per year but I guess I will grow more in the next year.

3 lakhs in taxes

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20 lacs just from Adsense? Wow!

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Yes fortunate enough to make this amount. But I am sure that in next year by the end of december it will jump to approx 25 lakhs


Then according to the presumptive basis, your taxable amount is 10 Lakhs. Then including some deductions, the approx amount will be 8,30,000 and then according to tax slabs, the tax amount should be 80k to 1 Lakh only :thinking:

3 Lakh tax is too much for 20 Lakh income!

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Thank you saksham really appreciated I will meet another ca and figure out how to reduce my tax

Exactly, 3 lacs is too much. It shouldn’t be more than a lac

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Yeah it is too much.

I pay about 70K on about similar income.

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